Registration General Information
Welcome to the Cryptopia Claims Portal
You are seeing this page as we understand you are a Cryptopia account holder.
This portal will allow you to register as a claimant and start the claim process for your Cryptopia account balances.
Before you begin the registration process you will need to agree to the Portal’s Privacy policy.
In addition, you will need the following to complete the registration process:
  • To set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) you will need an authenticator app that supports Google Authenticator. The default Google Authenticator app can be installed from either: 
  • Please note your authenticator account needs to be set up again and does not use the authenticator account previously used to log on to the Cryptopia exchange.  
  • You will also need to answer questions in relation to your Cryptopia account history. If you are unable to complete this process you will be unable to register a claim and will be required to contact customer support to continue the claims process.
For specific Information relating to this process please click the link below:
Customer Service Portal
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